The world’s richest man Jeff Bezos confronted by campaigner

The founder and CEO of Amazon was confronted by a protester at a recent conference in Las Vegas.

Jeff Bezos, often referred to as the world’s richest man, was only a few feet away from the passionate animal rights activist.

Now named as Priya Sawhney by the BBC and other media outlets, the demonstrator seemed to completely evade security.

Well, that in itself is no mean feat. It’s reported that Mr Bezos’ personal detail costs around £1.25m a year.

Bezos was taking in Las Vegas as part of Amazon’s ‘Re:Mars’ conference. A plethora of subjects were debated at the event, from efforts in machine learning and robotics to automation and space.

One of the big headlines was that Bezos voiced ambitions to provide foundational space technology for start-ups to build on at a low cost.

Meanwhile, Amazon’s drone delivery program was also covered. Spoiler alert, Amazon will have some really exciting updates very soon. Find out more here.

So, why was the world’s richest man targeted?

“You’re the richest man on the planet” – that’s what Sawhney shouted towards Bezos according to video footage. “You can help the animals.”

This happened just as Bezos was on stage with Jenny Freshwater, another leading figure at Amazon. They both seemed to sit in silence while Sawhney was removed.

It has been reported that Bezos said: “Do you have a response to that?”, as the demonstrator was led off the stage. understands that The Direct Action Everywhere animal rights group were protesting against a Petaluma Poultry farm, over claims that it is poorly treating chickens.

This farm in California is said to supply chicken and turkey to Amazon, among others.

A press release published just after the incident apparently saw Sawhney claim that animal abuse was the crime not ‘animal rescue’.

She reportedly called on Jeff Bezos and Amazon to ‘take a stand for transparency’. It was also claimed that both were ‘actively suppressing the truth’, according to a BBC report on the incident.

The protester in now facing felony charges, according to ABC News.

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