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Is it possible to both love and hate a laptop, because that’s the way I feel about the Acer predator Triton 900. It’s a big, fast 17 inch gaming laptop with one of the cleverest display designs that I’ve seen, but it’s paired with one of the least It’s a comfortable keyboards that I’ve used in awhile as well. (MUSIC) Cuz a cooling fan sit above the keyboard, the track pad is on the right and it doubles a virtual note keypad. And once that’s relatively easy to get used to I really wish it were a back lift. And because of the trackpad placement, the keyboard is squashed into about 80% of the space of a normal keyboard, and it’s not just uncomfortable for touch typing, it’s bad if you have any muscle memory whatsoever, or if you use special characters in passwords. There’s a tiny, misplaced shift key on the right. Volume mute is up top, but the volume controls are down below. No matter what finger positions you use for gaming, it’s cramped. It could be worse. Thankfully, the Backspace, Enter, and left Shift keys are all big and the Command center and macro keys are well separated. But if you’re a programmer, gamer, or touch typist, bring your own keyboard to retain your sanity. It’s too bad, because the keys themselves actually feel really nice It’s got mechanical switches and you can feel the actuation point, despite the small laptop level amount of key travel. And of course, there’s per key RGB. (MUSIC) On the flip side is the display, literally. Unlike a convertible or two-and-one, you can’t put it in tent mode, but you can pretty much put it any other position you want. Plus, it’s a touchscreen, which you really don’t see very much in gaming laptops. Tops, because you can position the screen almost over the keyboard it actually puts the touchscreen in a very comfortable position since you’re likely to be using an external keyboard. Kiosk mode facing that way is really nice. Except you do have the issue of heat coming out of the vents, and any cords sticking right out at you. You can pull it down like you can a Microsoft Studio display, but if you want color accuracy or pen support, you will have to upgrade to Acer’s concept D9, which is essentially the creator version of this. Working where there’s overhead lighting or sunlight coming through a window, just tilt to the hair to get rid of the glare and it’s a glossy screen so you will have glare on like a normal laptop. You can position it anyway so it’s perfect for both lean forward keyboard mouse gaming or lean back controller Fox. (UNKNOWN) And with a second monitor attached you can just flip it over and mirror and display for your audience, or do presentations. (MUSIC) Don’t call this laptop. It weighs over nine pounds not counting the massive power brick. And because of the placement of the cooling system, part of what you can see to a transparent panel, there are no restraints. So unless you’ve got absurdly long femurs, it won’t be terribly comfortable on your lap battery life. Let’s say it won’t last as long as a typical movie, but given that it has 4K display, killer double-shot pro networking, a core I7-9750H and an overclockable g-force RTX 2080 in it But think of it as less than a laptop as a monster mini desktop that you can tote around (MUSIC).


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