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Hey I’m David Carnate c|net from and I’m here with the new true wireless headphone from Sony the WF1000X mark three. Sony has been a big player in the true wireless market, but this may be the headphone that does it for them. It is a $230 headphone. It comes out in August What’s great about it is that it sounds really good, and it also has Active Noise Cancelling. (MUSIC) I’ve been playing around with an early review sample and while it’s certainly not cheap, it’s the best sounding set of truly wireless earbuds at this price point, matching and perhaps even exceeding the performance of price your competitors From Sennheiser mastering dynamic deets and Bang and Olufsen needless to say they crush the air pod sound. (MUSIC) The case is a little bulky but it certainly is sleek it does have USB c charging, pretty easy to get the earphones in and out. The battery life is up to six hours with noise cancelling on, and up to eight hours if you turn it off. One part is a little bit round here on the bottom, a little bit more like the AirPods cases. It’s kind of essentially two AirPods cases. And the only issue is, like the AirPods case, you can’t stand it up on its bottom. You kinda have to let it sit down like that. Lay it on a side. With these earphones is crucial to get a tight seal to get optimal sound quality and optimal noise cancelling. You get an assortment of ear tips and one should fit your ears. I went with the largest and was able to get a good seal. Let’s talk about design. These are obviously bigger than the airpods and bigger than a lotta true wireless earphones on the market, but they do house some high-tech components and those help with both the sound quality, cuz size does matter when it comes to earbuds, you do need a little bit bigger earbud to get better sound, and noise-cancelling. These do both come in the black you see here, as well as a kind of gray color. And it’s also worth mentioning that there’s a little bit grippier finish here on this part of the ear bud. And that helps keep them in your ears. That’s a nice design touch. And there’s a censor right here that when you take the ear buds out of your ears, that automatically pauses your music. Music. I did think these were good to use for making calls. There is noise cancelling that works while you’re making calls. So it does shut out the outside world so you can hear callers really well. There’s also some noise reduction that cuts down a little bit on the background noise so callers can hear you a little bit better. I wouldn’t say they’re stellar but they are good for making calls (MUSIC) So let’s talk about gestures, the left touch pad is for the sound modes so if you want to turn off noise canceling, you will tap and that turns it off. And then you tap again, and that gets you into an ambient mode that allows sound to come in. Finally, let’s say you’re listening to some music and you wanna talk to someone. On the over ear model, there was something called a quick attention feature, where you held your hand over the ear cup. This one has the same feature which is cool. Instead of holding your hand over the air cup, you simply tap and hold on the earpiece, and that automatically pauses your music, lets the ambient noise in you can talk here. Then you release it. The music starts playing again. The right touchpad is for controlling your music. And also answering and ending calls. So if you wanna advance a track, you double tap, one tap to pause. And then to access your voice assistant, you tap and hold. With the air pods, these do not have volume controls on the ear buds themselves. You do have to use your mind control on your phone. It’s slightly annoying but in my opinion not that big a deal. As I said where these really excel is with their self body. They’ve clean well balanced with well defined media base that made me think they’re a worthy companion to the overeaters, they’re going to pay this much for two wireless headphones. This is what they should sound like. You can also change the sound modes via the Sony headphone Connect app for Android or iOS and access other settings, the only strike against them is that they’re not listening sweat proof or water resistant. I like to run with my two wireless earphones and this stayed at my ears pretty securely despite not having any sport fins. I think they’d be fine for light workouts at the gym but if you sweat a lot, I’m not sure I’d risk damaging them. As I said, these two cost $230. I did tell Sony, be nice, if they were actually $200 which is the cost Of the Airpods with the wireless charging case. But despite that little drawback of not being water resistant, I do like these a lot. They sound great. And if you are looking for a true wireless headphone where sound quality is a premium, these should be on your shortlist. Thanks for watching. (MUSIC)


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