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Which Switch is this?

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A new Nintendo Switch handheld gaming console is on the way, arriving in August with better battery life than the first generation by as much as double. The new model will cost the same as the original Switch ($300), but Nintendo says it runs up to twice as long on a charge as the first edition. If you’re wondering if you should buy the original Switch now, wait for the new Switch or even buy the $200 Switch Lite when it ships. We have a handy guide to help you decide which Switch is for you.

But if you’ve already decided you’re buying the new $300 Switch, be aware: It and the first-generation Switch might sell side by side in stores and you don’t want to get the wrong one.

We don’t know for sure that this will happen (although we’ve seen it with plenty of other products before), but on Nintendo’s buy-now Switch page today, the old and new models appear together. Your solution: know what to look for to make sure you’re getting the hand-held you want.

Here’s how to identify the new Nintendo Switch ( $299 at Walmart) for 2019. 

Original Nintendo Switch (2017)

  • Model number: HAC-001.
  • Product serial number: Begins with XAW.
  • Product description: Battery life approximately 2.5 to 6.5 hours.

First-generation Switch package.


New Nintendo Switch (2019)

  • Model number: HAC-001(-01).
  • Product serial number: Begins with XKW.
  • Product description: Battery life approximately 4.5 to 9 hours.

The new Switch box.


The new Switch isn’t on sale yet, but we’ll update this story just as soon as pre-orders officially go live.

Meanwhile, here are our first impressions with the Switch Lite.


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