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Picture box. Now picture what’s inside. You can’t it’s a mystery. Now picture this mystery box arriving at your door full of cool stuff. Welcome to the 2019 cheapskate mystery box. (MUSIC) I’m Rick Broida, otherwise known as the cheapskate and today we’re going to do something good. When you buy a mystery box 100% of the proceeds will go to three amazing charities. So what’s inside each box wouldn’t be much of a mystery if I told you that, but I will tell you that each one is full of amazing tech stuff donated by some amazing partners. We’re talking phones, projectors, digital photo frames, gift cards, speakers, even blenders. Now different boxes will contain different items but each one will have a total retail value of at least $250. In some cases a lot more. Your price is just $75. And remember that every dollar of that minus shipping will go to support those great charities. Sound good? Here’s the catch. We have just 1000 boxes to sell, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. But we’re using a lottery system so that everyone who wants a box has the chance to get one. And if you miss out, you’ll still have the chance to buy a custom cheapskate t shirts. Want To find out more starting August 12 Head to for more details about the cheapskate mystery box.


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