Facebook isn't listening to your convo, Uber's quiet mode video – CNET

This is CNET and here are the stories that matter right now. How many times have you heard the rumor that Facebook was secretly listening to your conversations only to then advertise you the things you talk about? Well, it’s not true. The fact is, Facebook doesn’t need to listen to your conversations to know what you’re interested in because there are many other ways to do it. Data like browsing history and location information, or just a few of the many ways Facebook knows what to advertise. Amazon says it has 34 million Fire TV users building a 5 million user lead over rival Roku as the streaming wars continued to heat up Both companies have made aggressive plays in recent years in an attempt to get their software placed on more streaming boxes or even pre-installed into new televisions. Finally, Uber is introducing a new in-app way to opt out of a conversation with your driver if you’re just not in the mood for chitchat. Only available for Uber Black SUV rides, customers will have the option to choose between “quiet preferred,” “happy to chat,” or “no preference. This is all according to Tech Crunch. You can stay up to date with the latest by visiting CNet.


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