Checking the tech in the 2020 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque video – Roadshow

(MUSIC) Hi and welcome to the interior of the 2020 Range Rover evoke first edition for a walkthrough of both the infotainment and safety technology features packed into this new small luxury crossover Taking care infotainment functions inside of this first edition is the latest iteration of Land Rovers in controlled touch produce system with faster software in 2 10 inch high definition touch screens on the sensor stack to control onboard navigation a 10 speaker Meridian audio setup Wi-Fi hotspot and Bluetooth. Screen graphics are Chris and responsive inputs is fairly brisk. Most of the time. From time to time, you’ll still experience Bry flags between a finger press and stuff happening on the screen. Things aren’t to work though with a home screen with big tiles to get to nav audio and phone screens and Upshot to the dual screen is that the lower one can toggle between showing climate and audio controls along for a full nav screen to be up most of the time when you’re trying to get somewhere As for the downsides the two giant screens are magnets for dust and get smudgy real easily. And the dual screen setup could potentially be a bit much for some people if that’s the case then apple car play and Android Auto capabilities are also included. Charge options in this evoke first edition are limited to a couple of USB and twelve full alit in the center armrest compartment for passengers up front. 12 volt on the back of the center Council for the people in the rear. However, Land Rover does offer up to former USPS for backseat passengers as an option on the base evoke in our dynamic trims. For safety this first edition packs a healthy list of features that includes adaptive cruise Ford Collision Warning with automatic breaking lane keep it says Blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, traffic sign recognition, and a color heads-up display. One feature that’ll come in handy if you have people seated in the back, or have cargo stacked to the ceiling to block your view out of the Evoke’s (UNKNOWN) rear hatch window is a clear sight rearview mirror. Flip it on and the regular mirror turns into a screen, displaying an unobstructed video feed of what’s behind you. And that was a look at the tech features equipped in this 2020 Range Rover Evoke First Edition. For a full in-depth review of the second generation Evoke, make sure to visit (MUSIC)


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