Checking the tech in the 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan video – Roadshow

Welcome to deep dive into the in-dash infotainment in the 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Now, if you’ve been in a BWM of late, this is gonna look really familiar to you, as it’s essentially BMW’s iDrive on a ten-inch screen, complete with all of the menus and submenus. Use that I love to hate. If you go into manage mobile devices, connect new device, you can connect your phone just for telephone usage, for bluetooth audio or for screen mirroring, but here’s the thing: screen mirroring doesn’t work for Apple car play. This car does not have Apple car play, it only works for Android auto. I was able to get my phone to connect pretty easily through bluetooth but if you wanna connect your phone physically with a cable, this car only takes the smaller USB-C ports. So you’re either gonna have to go out and buy yourself a new cord or an adapter. Navigation can be a little bit clumsy as well. Yes, I can enter an address through my voice but that can be hit or miss. If I’m going to actually enter it through the keyboard I have to do it box by box, which I mean come on. This is 2019. We should have one box entry on this. Know when I’m entering my street, I can either use this dial here and click and turn or I can use a handwriting recognition. S-E. She even gets me own really terrible handwriting. Now, I can go here into map Settings > Map elements > Points of interest. And then I can select, if I want, whatever points of interest to show up on the map, like Fuel Stations, Parking, Recreation, or look at that, Keeps you saying get you like you said a safe space and it brings joy and peace to you. For me that is golf. I can compete and I can turn in that. That same type of competition that competitiveness that I play on the basketball floor during the season if I can get out, you know, twice a month and just hit some balls and play around. I can also set my steering wheel vibration for the link keeping, it says too strong medium or light but I have to tell you even on the strongest setting, the vibration is still pretty light. And then buried in here so far down is the seat comfort, which is where I can turn on my favourite thing, the seat massage. Now when it comes to charging your devices, there are USB ports like I mentioned before. Five of them but again they are only USBC. There is a wireless charger here in the center console and there are 312 volt outlets, one here in the center console, one for the rear seat passengers and one in the cargo bay. Now you’re used to BMW’s iDrive system you’re not really gonna have a problem here. But if you’re new to iDrive you might find the learning curve to be a little bit steep. And frankly the omission of Apple CarPlay is a glaring, glaring problem. Really, this is a $400,000 car. I should be able to have Apple CarPlay. But I have got a full review and photos of the 2019 Rolls Royce calling in over on the virtual calm if you’d like more information on how this baby drives. (MUSIC)


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