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I’m David Carter from CNET. com and I’m here with the new BOSE NOISE CANCELLING 700 HEADPHONES. These are Bose is next generation noise cancelling headphones. They’re not exactly designed to replace the quiet comfort 35s, but they are brand new and they do cost a little more at $400. (MUSIC). Did you have a completely new design both on the outside and the inside there are new drivers these two sounds slightly better than the quiet Comfort 35s. They’re also have more microphones for both noise-cancelling. Noise Reduction when you’re making calls. That means people can hear you better when you’re making calls, they don’t hear the background noise. And also your voice assistant can hear you more clearly in noisy environments. So you’ll be able to use that voice assistant more confidently. (MUSIC) One of the key differences between this model and the Quiet Comfort 35 is that this has a stainless steel headband. It’s all one piece, no seams, and it seems to be perhaps a little bit more durable than the Quiet Comfort 35. It is slightly heavier as a result. It’s about half an ounce heavier than the By covered 35 does have a very nice padded ear cups very comfortable design .Just like the quiet comfort 35 and as you can see the headphones do have a little play in them .So they’re designed to both rock a little bit so that the that your cup can swivel to and fro. A very comfortable design should fit fairly large heads. It did fit my head, and I do have a smaller head. (MUSIC) The actual ear cups here are made of plastic. The QC 35 had some aluminum in their ear cups. So again, a slightly different design. There are only three physical buttons on the headphones. The one on the left here is for your noise canceling. You can adjust between. Three levels of noise canceling. There’s a low and a high as well as a transparency mode that allows you to hear the outside world at a very natural way. This is the Bluetooth button. That also allows you to toggle on and off the headphone and set it to Bluetooth pair. You can pair it with two different devices. Do you want a pair with your phone and a laptop? This has multi point pairing. Finally, the last button is for your voice assistant. You can hit that button and have access to Siri, google assistant or Alexa. On top of that there is always on Alexa available with this headphone is one of the few headphones to have that feature and you can just say, Alexa and that’s the wake word. To access your voice assistant. One other small note when you’re on a call that button allows you to mute your line which is very convenient feature. So the headphones do have touch controls. They are on the right side of the right ear couple right with the Bose logo is for starters there’s volume controls by simply swiping up or swiping down. You can also advance tracks forward and back. By swiping forward or swiping back. and then to pause and play music you just double tap. And it also allows you to answer it and calls. And finally you can just hold down to get your battery life. No it’s very precise number And it’s only about twenty hours of total battery life but there is a quick charge feature and this does charge via USB-C. (MUSIC) So these are really designed for communications and Bose talks about how the they’re eight microphones in these headphones. Some of them are used for noise cancelling. Some of them are used for voice. There multiple microphones on each side. And there is some overlap some of the microphones do work for both voice and noise cancelling now if you’re on a plane and you want to go into wired mode of there is a headphone jack it is a smaller 2.5 millimeter headphone jack. That goes into a 3.5 millimeter jack. So it’s a tiny, little headphone jack there. The headphone does come with that cable of course. But if you lose it, you’ll have to buy another one with that special 2.5 millimeter jack. So the case is a little bit different from previous Bose cases. This is one you do not have to fold up the headphones, you just lay them in there. That’s nice. There’s also a chord organization here as a little magnet. Very cool, close it up, you’re good to go. So this is definitely an improvement over the quiet comfort 35 more features that same Bose comfort, slightly better sound. It is clearly going to be one of the top noise cancelling headphones. The question is how Sony will respond. Will it come out with something as good or better? We’ll soon find out. I’m David Connor for Thanks for watching. (MUSIC)


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