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Good time to talk about the (UNKNOWN)? The end of the world. You can sniff it you can smell it. It could happen any second. It’s perfect That’s actor David Tennant one of the stars of the Amazon Prime Video mini series. Good Omens Good Omens is a story about a demon named Crowley played by Tennant and an angel named Zero felt played by Michael Sean, who are trying to stop the end of the world Is the end of the world that we’re talking about (MUSIC) It (UNKNOWN) been a war to end a war. It’s based on the 1990 novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett There were various attempts to turn into movies Round about a decade ago Terry and I started talking about the idea of doing it as television. Somewhere toward the end of 2014 Terry had to out sign this and he said you have to do it, You have to make it because your the only other person who has the passion and understanding of good omens that i do. I don’t want to watch it. And I said okay. And then he died, which suddenly turned it into a last request. That meant Damon took the reigns of show runner to tell this tale of how Heaven and Hell might have more in common. Than you might think. They’re much more like each other than they would care to admit, cuz obviously that goes against everything that they’re supposed to stand for. Curly’s not quite the mean, cruel, evil demon that he’s sort of Supposed to be He’s not nearly as good as he likes to think he is either. We have to work together. We have nothing whatsoever in common I don’t even like you You do In addition to tenant and machine the cast also includes Jon Hamm as the angel Gabriel. Both heaven and hell have a lot in common They’re both bureaucracies and there’s hierarchy in every bureaucracy and I played the guy that’s just below the main guy, but he’s above pretty much everyone else. And so he’s kind of everybody’s boss. And he’s like most bosses. He’s kind of An ****. <<who exactly=”” summons=”” them?=”” <<not=”” my=”” department.=”” <<good=”” omens=”” comes=”” to=”” amazon=”” prime=”” video=”” may=”” 31st.=”” so=”” if=”” the=”” end=”” is=”” nigh.=”” <<at=”” least=”” we’ll=”” go=”” down=”” laughing.=”” <<=”” (laugh)=”” <=”” div=””></who>


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