23 Unexpectedly Dark TV Show Moments You Never Saw Coming

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which unexpectedly dark TV show moments truly shocked them. Here are the wild results.

Warning: Some of these submissions include stories about sexual assault and eating disorders.

1. In Full House, when D.J. wanted to look like the models in magazines, so she started starving herself and even fainted at the gym.

2. In Boy Meets World, when Shawn was feeling super alone and almost joined a cult.

3. In Smart Guy, when T.J. and his friend bought a bootleg video game from a stranger online, and the pedophile tried to get them naked in his basement.

4. In Lizzie McGuire, when Miranda started skipping meals because she wanted to lose weight before filming a music video.

5. In Glee, when they wrote Cory Monteith’s real-life death into the show, making the cast’s reactions especially powerful and vulnerable.

6. In Hey, Arnold!, when Mr. Hyunh revealed that he was separated from his daughter in Vietnam during the war, and he spent the last 20 years looking for her.

7. In That’s So Raven, when the racist storeowner wouldn’t hire Raven simply because she was black.

8. In Saved by the Bell, when Jessie got addicted to pills and Zack tried to help her.

9. In Home Improvement, when the doctors thought Randy might have throat cancer.

10. In Family Matters, when a racist student put a note in Laura’s locker that said “go back to Africa” and also spray-painted the N-word on her locker.

11. In Full House, when Stephanie had to do a school project with Charles, and he revealed that his father regularly beat him.

12. In Glee, when everyone heard gunshots, and the entire school went into lockdown.

13. In The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, when Carlton was robbed at gunpoint and Will took a bullet for him, so Carlton bought a gun to protect himself.

14. In Boy Meets World, when Shawn’s friend, Claire, was being abused by her father, and she showed up with a black eye.

15. In Full House, when Kimmy tried to drink and drive, so D.J. literally fought her for the keys and revealed that her mom actually died because of a drunk driver.

16. In Growing Pains, when Sandy unexpectedly died from internal bleeding after a car crash from drinking and driving.

17. In 8 Simple Rules, when John Ritter’s real-life death was written into the show, and Bridget revealed that the last thing she said to her father was “I hate you.”

18. In One Tree Hill, when there was a school shooting, and a group of students was trapped inside a classroom with the shooter.

19. In Saved by the Bell, when Zack started dating a girl who turned out to be homeless and her father collapsed and almost died of starvation in the mall.

20. In Boy Meets World, when Shawn’s dad had a second heart attack and died immediately after promising Shawn that he’d always be there for him.

21. In That’s So Raven, when Raven’s body was photoshopped in a magazine to look super-skinny.

22. In Full House, when Papouli died in his sleep and Michelle didn’t know how to cope with his death.

23. And, of course, in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, when Will thought his dad finally wanted to be back in his life, but then he abandoned him again.


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