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Two new iPads in the works. The new camera feature coming to the iPhone, the Apple Card launch date and the good, the bad and the ugly about Apple’s latest earnings reports. I’m breaking down the top Apple stories this week on the Apple Core. (MUSIC) But first let’s give you a quick look at the rumors. New evidence suggests that Apple may be gearing up to launch a new batch of iPads before the end of this year. According to a report in Apple Insider out this week, the company has registered two new model numbers with the Eurasian Economic Commission A necessary precursor before bringing a product to market in this region. This adds to the five models that Apple had already filed, which means there are now a total of seven potential new iPads coming in 2019. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean seven completely different models just variations of the same one, at this point, an iPad Pro or a cheaper version. So they could include different memory options, different screen sizes, and an LTE or Wi-Fi variation. Now based on previous launch cycles, I don’t think we can expect them in a September iPhone launch of it, but rather in an October event. Kind of late last year and this year they would come alongside a rumored 16 inch MacBook Pro, which we talked about in last week’s episode. And speaking of iPhones last week, I asked you guys to weigh in on what the 2019 models should be called. And surprisingly, most of you opted for the Roman numeral version of the 11, based on our poll. Now, we’ve been writing it out iPhone 11 all along, which happened to be the second most popular option. But you guys had some other interesting ideas as well. James Joshua Escandor says I think they will name it iPhone 11 stylized as iPhone X-1 or X1. Slick Smith Tech seem to agree with iPhone X1, X1 Max and X1R. But maybe it’s the 2020 iPhone we shouldn’t be brainstorming names for because we’ve been getting just as many rumours about that phone in the past few weeks as this year’s models and it kind of seems more interesting anyway. One that keeps on surfacing has to do with a new depth sensing camera on the back of this phone. And this week it was backed up by a pretty good source. Long time Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo says, he expects at least two of the 2020 iPhone models to come equipped with a time-of-flight camera on the back of this phone. So the new set up would be kinda similar to the current shoot up camera on the front of the phone that’s It’s used for Face ID except this new one could potentially map out objects from much further away. So good for photography obviously but especially good for augmented reality. (SOUND) This week Apple shared a somewhat mixed earnings report just it depends on the way you spin it. If we’re talking iPhones it obviously wasn’t pretty. But we kind of expected this. iPhone sales continued their downward trend this quarter sliding 12% to $26 billion in the fiscal third quarter. The company also saw a decline in earnings from 11.5 billion last year to 10 billion this year. But revenue was slightly up and both numbers were still above analyst expectations. So iPhone sales aside, the company saw record growth in pretty much all of its other categories. Which is obviously what Tim Cook focused on in the call after. He highlighted an all time record revenue of their service sectors. Which was up 13% to $11.5 billion and it’s only expected to continue its growth circle with the pending launch of Apple’s new video streaming service and it’s gaming service. It was also a record holder for wearables home and accessories category which rose. 48% to $5.5 billion. Now, Apple doesn’t really break out what products were to blame here but I suspect the air pods were one of the main culprits. So each Even the iPhone wasn’t enough to stop Apple from having its biggest June quarter ever, which, of course, Tim Cook pointed out. (SOUND) We also learned something else from the earnings report this week. The official official ish date of the apple cart launch. Tim Cook announcement the company will release its credit card in August. There was no official date given but we can assume that at this point, because we’re already in August, it could be any day. Now a bit of background about the Apple card. Apple has teamed up with Goldman Sachs and MasterCard to create this new credit card. And it would obviously be a digital version available in the wallet app but it’s also including a physical titanium version. That would Be available for users in places that don’t yet accept mobile payments. Some of the perks of this credit card compared to traditional credit cards is the fact that it will be charging no annual fees, no late fees or over the limit fees. And Apple is also giving you a way to keep track of your spending on your phone. Also, like most other credit cards, it will offer cash back, except the Apple credit card will offer daily cash back. So you’ll get one percent back when you use the physical card You get 2% back for purchases when you use the digital card, and then 3% if you use the digital card on anything Apple related, so this would include the Apple Store, iTunes or any subscription services as well. So this isn’t really the sexiest category for Apple because obviously it’s not hardware, but it is a category where Apple is already growing. So in the recent earnings report, call Tim Cook pointed out that they’ve already doubled the transaction per month with ApplePay. Bringing it up to one billion transactions per month. Plus there’s already 47 markets that are now accepting ApplePay. So at this rate It’s growing faster than paper. That does it for our show this week but make sure to let me know what you think of the Apple credit card. Are you gonna get it or are you gonna pass? Let me know on the comment section below or on Twitter and I’ll see you back next week for more Apple Core. (MUSIC)


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